MammaFotogramma studio was born from a common interest in hybrid approaches to, and the complexities of, animation. It was through animated film that our studio took its first steps at the beginning of 2008. Soon after we expanded our portfolio to include traditional audiovisual production, interactive design projects and public installations. This creative diversity was achieved thanks to the heterogeneous nature of team's skill set. Our present focus explores the potential infinite potential of user participation through moving images, as well as composite structures that touch, envelope and live in 360 degrees.

The experience of working with our hands guides each adventure, and compels us to confront and communicate the expressive qualities of the material. In building miniature sets and photographing real puppets we hope to share this passion with the audience, and to offer them a parallel reality, metaphysical or "other", where they can rediscover the beauty of a job done "workman-like".